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Spraying for Buck Moth Caterpillar

Root Health

Fertilization, Aeration, and Root Health

At Tree Man, Inc. we care for the complete tree, not just the parts growing above ground. Our arborists’ representatives and plant health care technicians are trained to diagnose, remediate and treat detrimental conditions that lie beneath the surface.

Plants harness energy directly from sunlight. They sequester carbon, the foundation of their structure from the atmosphere. But most everything else, the nutrients, minerals, and water that trees need for survival come from the soil they are rooted in.

Our first step taking care of your plants is to make certain that we have a scientific basis for knowing the composition of your soil. An initial soil test gives us detailed information about how to best treat your soil to meet your plants’ needs.

Root Collar Inspections

Tree Root Collars are vulnerable to well-meaning but misguided landscaping practices. Inspection of Root Collars can reveal a great deal about the health of a tree and some simple precautions can provided significant long term protection for the tree.

Insect and Disease Management

Trees and shrubs are susceptible to a host of insect, pests and diseases that can result in either the decline or death of the plant if left untreated. Although we have a large arsenal of pesticides to combat these pathogens, excessive usage often results in negative environmental impacts.

At Tree Man, Inc. we take an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to protect trees and shrubs on our clients’ properties. IPM is designed to make certain we achieve our goal of suppressing pest problems while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

The Tree Man, Inc. Insect and Disease Management Program employs a suite of cultural practices and well timed applications with the goal of maintaining plant health while at the same time minimizing overuse of harmful substances.

Tree Pruning

Trees need to be pruned for many reasons:

The promotion of sound structural framework
Tree health
Clearance and/or containment of growing space

Tree and Shrub Removal

At Tree Man, Inc., we are committed to safety. Our crews are well trained and well equipped to safely remove trees of all sizes and conditions.

Tree removal can be a hazardous undertaking to life and property. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Health responsible for worker safety, ranks the felling of trees as a leading cause of worker injury and fatality. For this reason, it is crucial that when the time comes and you need a tree, or trees removed from your property, you rely on a professional tree service with a proven track record in safe work practices.

Tree Man, Inc.'s team is professional ly trained and fully insured with general liability and workmen’s compensation coverage. We are glad to provide a copy of our insurance and coverage to give you added assurance.

Tree Stump Grinding

We can grind your tree stumps to allow for replanting of new trees or prepare the area for grass planting. This process chips away the existing stump to a depth of up to 22 inches. This service is provided with minimal impact to your lawn and landscape.

Tree Cabling

Cabling and Brace Rod Installation

In the forest it is reasonable to expect that trees will fall apart over time or meet their demise by a lightning strike. This however is not acceptable or desired for trees growing in the urban environment. Fortunately there are solutions that allow us to hold onto our prized trees for longer than might be expected otherwise. Cables, guying systems, and brace rods can help support weakened limbs, trees, and/or branch unions.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection can channel the flow of electricity down and away from the tree in the event of a direct strike and thereby minimize damage to the tree.

Tree Emergency Services

You appreciate the trees in your landscape for the shade and shelter they provide as well as for their grace and beauty. But when a tree fails for any number of reasons, your focus shifts to safety, and the prevention of further damage to personal property. Tree Man, Inc. is prepared to respond to your tree related emergencies. You can be assured that we will do our very best to resolve your situation quickly and with the same degree of professionalism that you would expect in normal operations.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike to call us though. There are often warning signs associated with trees at risk of falling. Look at your trees for the following warning signs:

Wires in contact with tree branches. Trees may become energized when in contact with electric wires.

Dead or partially attached limbs hung up in the higher branches that could fall and cause damage or injury

Cracked stems and branch forks that could cause catastrophic failure of a tree section.

Hollow or decayed areas on the trunk or main limbs, or mushrooms growing from the bark that indicate a decayed and weakened stem.

Peeling bark or gaping wounds in the trunk also indicates structural weaknesses.

Fallen or uprooted trees putting pressure on other trees.

Tight, V-shaped forks which are much more prone to failure than open U-shaped ones.

Heaving soil at the tree base is a potential indicator of an unsound root system.

If you suspect that you have a hazardous tree, call us and make an appointment with one of our certified arborists. We will assess the hazard and give you options for remediation.

Tree Inventory

A tree inventory on your property can be a great first step in a long term management program. The inventory will identify the quality and long-term viability of various trees providing a baseline for planning. Tree inventories are typically included in a management plan.

Tree Preservation Programs for Construction Projects

Construction around trees can be traumatic. Tree Man, Inc. pre construction consultation is generally designed to protect the plants and document their situation in advance. Post construction consultations may involve quantifying and mitigate damage that has already occurred.

Tree Appraisal, Valuation and, Damage Assessment

An expert insurance appraisal following a natural or man-made incident can be extremely valuable to an owner, this is performed by our of staff Registered Consulting Arborists, Certified Arborists and Board Certified Master Arborists. Tree valuations are a good tool for property managers also, allowing a basis for developing budgets and maintenance programs.

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