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  • Please Review Our Two Services:
    Spray Service: Contact insecticide; Not effective until nests are present in the tree; Kills on contact and lasts up to 30 days.

    Direct Inject: Each $10 shot is injected every 6 inches around the tree approximately 4 feet up the trunk of the tree from the base; Kills all chewing and biting insects for a full year and a can be applied in advance of Buck Moth Season. Price is determined by the circumference of the tree/upon inspection.

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  • Under 50 feet - $60 per tree Over 50 feet - $75 per tree
    Under 50 feet - $60 per tree Over 50 feet - $75 per tree

    Under 50 feet - $60 per tree Over 50 feet - $75 per tree
    Westbank Eastbank - add $15
  • Please note you will not be charged for service until the day of your service.

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